Dr. Michael Amato

Dr. Michael Amato graduated from Life University in 1991 and has been practicing as a fully licensed chiropractor for over 32 years. Dr. Amato utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach in treating his patients. Some patients say he is of the 'Old School' Chiropractic-type.  He prefers using manual adjustments over instrument-assisted techniques,...the likes of which some patients drive across state lines to receive. He has been serving the community of Wareham and surrounding towns for over 24 years.

Although he may not be one to go around telling people, Dr. Amato is a very active member of the community and is also certified as a Firefighter and an EMT in Rochester, MA. Upon meeting Dr. Amato, many patients comment on how 'down to earth' he is. Dr. Amato is an absolute people person and he is quick to put those who are nervous about Chiropractic at ease. Outside of the office you can catch him putting out fires, responding to emergency calls, riding one of his Harleys,  or stacking firewood in his backyard.  He loves listening to music, especially classic rock and the Grateful Dead...so don't be surprised when you come into the office and hear some of those tunes playing over our speakers.  It's not your typical waiting room music but we get lots of compliments from people about the playlists!  And come to think of it, we aren't your typical office...in a good kind of way.

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