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Where are you located?

We are located above Dunkin Donuts and American Pizza in West Wareham.  Just about a mile away from Wareham Crossing, close to Cumberland Farms and Vel's Restaurant.  Our office is handicap accessible with ample parking, front and back entrances with ramps and an elevator.  If you require assistance from you car into the building, please give us a call from your cell phone when you arrive and we will be happy to help!  The physical address is 2360 Cranberry Hwy, West Wareham, MA 02576.

Is Chiropractic effective?
Ask anyone in our waiting room and you are sure to have positive feedback!  In no way are we guaranteeing results.  Chiropractic is not always the answer, but most people will show significant improvement in symptoms with the first 1 to 5 treatments.  Typically the longer you have been dealing with a specific or chronic issue, the road to recovery is expected to be longer as well.  If you have been having back pain for 20 years, chances are it will take more than 5 or even 10 visits to show a significant improvement.  If this is a relatively new condition you are coming to us with, your chances for rapid relief are higher and we are glad you found us quickly!  That is why it is so important to take care of your spine BEFORE things get out of hand!  Let's face it, your spine carries precious nerves all the way from your brainstem to all parts of your body...and since you've only got ONE, it's super important to take good care of it!

Chiropractic helps to remove postural imbalances and structural misalignments that can accumulate in our bodies over time. Chiropractic works by restoring your body's innate ability to be healthy. For your body to remain healthy, your nervous system must function well. For your nervous system to function well, it must be free of interference. By restoring spinal function and integrity with Chiropractic adjustments, nerve interference by misaligned vertebrae is minimized or removed, thus allowing optimal nervous system function and improved health and well-being.

Why should I see a Chiropractor?
Seeing a chiropractor is not only for back pain and neck pain. Chiropractic care is an excellent way to keep your body at its peak performance through nutrition, adjustment and overall wellness. In addition, Chiropractic care has been known to help a wide range of conditions from fibromyalgia to diabetes. Even professional athletes like Tom Brady recognize the pivotal role Chiropractic can play to both heal and prevent bodily harm.  Maybe he doesn't play in New England anymore, but the GOAT has been known to get adjusted before every single football game.  

What is 'Subluxation'?
When a vertebrae becomes misaligned or moves out of its normal position, this is referred to in the chiropractic profession as a subluxation. Subluxations can be caused by a wide range of issues ranging from a fall, an injury, a car accident or any sudden trauma,...even a sneeze!  When a vertebrae is subluxed, it begins to put pressure on nerves, blood vessels and everything around it. Think of trying to water plants with a kinked garden hose! This pressure comes with a price. The subluxation interrupts the neural(nerve) pathways that carry messages to and from the brain.  These pathways include sensory(sensation nerves), motor(movement nerves) and autonomic(survival nerves such as heart-rate and hormone regulation) messages.  These pathways need to be clear in order for those messages to get relayed, prompting necessary and appropriate responses to allow your body to restore itself to optimal levels of functioning.

What is a Chiropractic adjustment? Is it safe?
Adjustments, or manipulation as they're sometimes referred to, are small, sudden movements of vertebrae in the spine. The objective of this movement is to realign vertebrae that have moved out of place due to a number of reasons ranging from normal daily activities to trauma such as a car accident. When these vertebrae are out of place, they have an overall systemic effect from muscular to the central nervous system. Without proper alignment and flow of all nerves and systems in the body from the brain, we can't function at our peak. A Chiropractic adjustment is the skilled application of pressure on specific areas of the spine by hands or an instrument to guide misplaced vertebrae back into proper alignment. This happens often without discomfort. Minimal risk is involved and will be discussed with the doctor at your initial visit.  It is very important that you share your complete medical and surgical history with us.  Certain techniques must be altered or avoided depending on prior medical history, all of which is reviewed in great detail with you.  

What can I expect for my first visit to a Chiropractor?
Going to the Chiropractor is a new experience for some of us but for others it is simply a necessary part of life. Maybe you've heard about Chiropractic through a friend or have done some research online. It's possible that you are just fed up with living in pain and it's time to do something about it. In either case, your first visit to the Chiropractor will be about forming a doctor-patient relationship built on communication and trust...discussing your history, current condition and goals. At your initial examination, it may be determined by the doctor that x-rays are needed for further diagnostic imaging.  Typically, x-rays are done at Tobey Hospital or Rosebrook in Wareham but you may elect to have them done anywhere you choose.  We do not have x-rays on-site.  You simply take the x-ray prescription we've given you to the radiology department.  Patients report that the whole process usually takes about 30 minutes start to finish and you will walk out with a disc including images and reports to be reviewed either immediately or at your next visit.

What results can I expect from treatment?

  • Decreased Pain
  • Decreased Muscle Spasm
  • Increased Healing and Immune Response
  • Increased Strength
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Stress Reduction
  • Improved Mood
  • Optimal Brain-Body Connection
  • Improvement in other issues such as fatigue, anxiety, depression and allergies
  • In children, decreased symptoms associated with ADHD and other childhood ailments such as bed-wetting
  • NO scary side effects like those associated with prescription drugs, especially opioids.

Chiropractic is based on the idea of removing imbalances both structural and postural in an effort to allow our body to heal itself. For this to happen, your network of nerves must be allowed to flow freely without any interruption. Chiropractors have the ability and skill to identify and remove these interruptions or misalignments and allow the body to perform as it was meant to.  While there are many potential mechanical or structural causes for misalignment, there are also chemical reasons. For instance, if you smoke or drink excessively or even just have a poor diet, the chemical issues in your body can eventually cause underlying conditions and disease to appear. Allowing a Chiropractor to get you back on track both chemically and structurally will encourage your body to perform at its highest potential.

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